Gerrit and Elise

Gerrit and Elise

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Starting Over....

I decided that I should take another go at the blog. Luckily Chris and the kids got me an iPad for Mother's Day and "there's an app for that". So here are some pictures from the last couple months. From Avery's first day of school to pumpkin patch fun. 

Gerrit keeps us on our toes every day. He also keeps us laughing most of the day. He is constantly saying something to make us laugh or making one of his "mad" faces at us. He climbs on everything and never stops talking. He is starting to singsongs spontaneously and is making proclamations on his own. He can often be heard telling in Willie for eating something that he may or may not have actually eaten.  We are enjoying every minute of him and watching the amazing little person he is becoming.

Avery is keeping us busy also. She is in school 5 days per week for 1/2 days, which is going really well.she loves it and has a lot of great friends who she's become close with. She is also taking tap and ballet and gymnastics. She's recently been asking about piano lessons as well. I see why parents have to limit the activities. There's not enough time in the week! We just had our parent/teacher conferences with Ms. McConnell, Avery's pre-k teacher. We learned that Avery loves to learn and is great in class and is really sweet to everyone in class. All things ex know, but don't get to see at home, since she seems to like to give us the opposite at home.... She has turned into an amazing little girl. I can't believe she'll be 5 in 9 days! Where have these years gone? I promise to post photos from her big day next week!

                            "I'm freezing!" 

                                                         Our little climber

                                                   Family date night

                              First day of Pre-K!

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