Gerrit and Elise

Gerrit and Elise

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Avery singing

As promised, here's a video of Avery singing Twinkle-Twinkle. It's not her best performance.... we'll keep trying.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just having fun.

We've just been having fun and trying to spend time as a family as much as possible. Avery keeps us entertained on a daily basis. She is fully speaking in sentences now and remembers everything. There is no hiding anything or distracting, because she'll remember the conversation the next day! She also sings "twinkle twinkle" and "abc's" all by herself. The abc's get a little mixed up sometimes, but it's' amazing none the less. I keep trying to get it on video, and have not had success yet, I will keep trying. Avery got a new bike a couple weeks ago. She loves it and actually likes to wear her helmet, though more than 10-15 minutes on the bike at a time is all we can handle. She hasn't learned the trick of pedaling yet either, luckily there's a push bar so mom and dad can help. Our wonderful friend Chelsea just returned from Paupau, New Guinea and took a detour through Seattle before she had to return to L.A. We are so thankful that she was able to spend some time with us, we love and miss her so much! We went camping on Lopez Island in the San Juans this weekend. It didn't go quite as planned, but we had fun while it lasted and now have a lot of crab in the freezer! Good news, Avery loves it! Today we went out with Shauna and Maeve to celebrate their "referralversary". One year ago Shauna got her referral to make Maeve her daughter, and we had to celebrate! There were cupcakes involved, so all were happy. (There are a lot of photos, the most recent are first)
Sporting her new "ball cap"
Her new cheeseball smile. She is very happy about the cupcake.

Her new favorite, bracelets!
Starfish are yucky mom.
Some of our crab bounty!

Enjoying our time on our private little beach while daddy pulls in the crab.
"Gangsta Avery"
Love you Auntie Chelsea and Jen!
They crack each other up.
Riding the new bikes
New shades
This was the outfit she decided she should wear, we didn't leave the house...
Love my new bike mom and dad!

Eating her first real taco. She did great and ate the whole thing!
Our beautiful girl.