Gerrit and Elise

Gerrit and Elise

Sunday, October 31, 2010


It was a fun filled birthday weekend for Avery. Friday started us off with a swim at the pool with mommy, trick or treating in Wedgewood, and then a Halloween party at "aunty" Leann's house in the evening. Saturday was a little more low key, since it was raining, but we did get to pick daddy up from the airport, as he returned from his annual hunting trip. Sunday, of course was the BIG day! Daddy and Avery got some time together in the morning at the park so mommy could prepare for the big party. After a little "rest" our friends all joined us to celebrate turning 2! Avery had lots of fun and now actually knows how old she is. I think she started to get it as the day went on that this day was about her (aren't they all?). She was very protective of her cupcakes and gifts. She wanted to play with each gift as she opened it. The big hits were, a cell phone from Aunt Alissa, lots of fun play food for her new kitchen from Uncle JT, Aunt Jessica and the cousins, and a new backpack for school (she hasn't wanted to take it off) from the Jones. She wasn't quite sure about everyone singing to her, but thought blowing out the candle was fun, and of course consuming all that frosting and cake was the best part. After the party, we rushed over to the Jones's to do some trick or treating and have some delicious homemade soup. Avery had lots of fun, and has definitely figured out the whole trick or treat thing. She kept saying, "let's go to next one mommy" and she would run to the next door and try to knock on the door. Our little golfer buddy, Bennett was getting the hang of it too. Our cute little cow, Maeve, was perfectly happy enjoying the sites and all the other fun things to play with (flower pots, water fountains). All in all, it was a very successful and fun day and weekend. Can't wait to do it all again next year! I just hope it doesn't come so fast next time!

We swing on the big girl swing now that we're 2.

Protecting her cupcakes.

Mmmmm, chocolate frosting.

Bennett was a good helper.

"Come on friends!"

Waiting patiently for their loot.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Our Cupcake's First Trick or Treating!

Avery and I decided to try out the costume and trick or treat at the local businesses. It didn't hurt that it was 60 and sunny today. She had so much fun and everyone loved her costume. It took her a couple tries to get warmed up to talking to all these strangers with all the big kids running around her, but once she realized there would be candy on the other end.....

Picking out some of her loot.

Venturing to the next stop.

"Just one more stop mommy"

And now I'm beat.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

One difference between boys and girls....

It amazes me every time Avery and Bennett eat together. Sometimes I give them yogurt just to see how messy it can get. Note, Avery has virtually no yogurt on her face, if she gets a drop on, she has to wipe it off immediately. Bennett, on the other hand, I think smears the yogurt on every square inch of his head on purpose. He even had some in his neck fold tonight! We love you anyway little buddy!

I think he was trying to give himself this cool yogurt goatee.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Does Martha Stewart live here?

Avery has been telling me for a couple months now that she is going to be a "pink cupcake" for halloween. So, after much searching, and only finding a VERY expensive cupcake costume online, this is what I came up with (with a lot of help from another mom who decided to post her pattern on her blog!). I hope she likes it, if we paid for this in man hours, it's worth way more than it should be!


Avery copies most things that I do these days and wanted to have a "pony" like mommy's.... here's what she got. She was SO proud!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Trip to the Museum

Avery and I decided to check out the new "Clifford" exhibit at the Children's Museum. Avery had a great time and requests that we return very soon.

We found a lot of "jewels"

Ringing up our purchases

Driving the Clifford bus.


We've been getting ready for Halloween. Saturday we went to Craven Farms to pick out pumpkins and take a hayride. Sunday, Kolleen and Paul invited everyone over to carve our pumpkins. Poor Avery was really sick Saturday night, throwing up, but she recovered nicely and was ready to party by Sunday afternoon.

Our finished product.
Helping daddy with the masterpiece.
Bennett was more into the "guts"

I want this one!

Our search for the perfect pumpkin.

Enjoying the hayride.

Trying out the pumpkin launcher.

Found a good one mommy!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Art work.

Some of Avery's school art work. I've decided to photograph all of her art work instead of trying to save it all. Here are some her masterpieces.

Fun at the Zoo!

Avery and I decided to enjoy some of the beautiful fall weather we've been having, so we ventured to the zoo. It was great, most of the animals were out enjoying the sun too!

Sit down hippo!

That's better.
Enjoying our picnic with the elephants.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Birthday month Sweet Pea!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Busy times since we returned for Hawaii. September 19 we got to celebrate my friend Katie and her new husband Joe at their wedding. It was a beautiful day despite the crazy Seattle weather. Later that week, Avery and I checked out the Puyallup Fair with Leann. Avery got to meet and pet lots of farm animals, which was a big hit. She also got to sample her first elephant ear, corn dog and fair scone (scones are famous here, they are served at fairs all over, and everyone knows what they are. They're delicious!). The rides were also a big hit with Avery, though she wasn't technically quite tall enough to ride them (you have to be 36") a couple of rides let it slide. Last weekend, Avery and I ventured to the Hood Canal to the Pinneo's beach house. It was a great, relaxing get away that allowed Chris to get some work done on the house. With all of these fun events, Avery is still growing up before our eyes. She remembers everything, repeats everything and is now coming up with her own funny things to say to make us laugh. Last week, she was with Amy and Bennett and as they were driving by Starbucks, she told Amy, "mommy needs coffee"! For the record, we don't go to Starbucks every day. She can count to 10 on her own, knows the whole "ABC" song now, knows many colors and is learning shapes. Now we are getting ready for her 2nd birthday. Where does the time go?

Listening to "moosik" on the iPod.

Beach combing with "Auntie" and mommy.

Row, row, row your boat...

Riding the motorcycle.

We got to pet lots of animals.

Meeting one of the cows at the fair.

Sharing wedding cake with Bennett.

Fun with friends at the wedding.