Gerrit and Elise

Gerrit and Elise

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Avery and I were spelling names and words with her bathtub letters tonight in the tub. We spelled Avery, Chris, Duck, fish; we were having lots of fun. Then she says, "mommy I spelled Amber!" and this is what I see.....

Good thing she has this cute face!
I will say that these letters were randomly stuck on the tub, but she did put those particular letters together all on her own!

The big race...

Last weekend was beautiful, so we took full advantage of the sunshine. Avery participated in her first race, the Top Pot 1k kid's dash. We talked about it all week and she was really excited going in. When race day came, however, she wasn't so sure about all the hoopla. Luckily, there were doughnuts and a Caspar Babypants concert to dangle to get her to the finish line. We also made some homemade ice cream (courtesy of The Pioneer Woman) in honor of the sunshine coming out.

Ready for the big race!

Catching a glimpse of "Caspar Babypants"

Enjoying our homemade ice cream

Happy (belated) Easter

We had a nice Easter week leading up to the big day. The weekend was even better when I got the day off work to take part in the Easter basket and egg hunting activities. We colored lots of eggs, talked about church and Jesus (she's a big fan) and chose the proper attire for the big day.

The "girls" ready for Church
Putting her new puzzle together
Ready for the egg hunt!

Thinking to herself... "you're suppose to color the eggs, not your hands!"

Showing off her eggs

Look at that concentration