Gerrit and Elise

Gerrit and Elise

Friday, February 26, 2010

We miss daddy.

But we're surviving. Chris is on a snow goose hunting trip in Missouri with his dad and brother, so the girls are left to fend for ourselves. We've mostly just been playing while he's been gone. Trying not to shop too much! He left Tuesday morning so we made a playdate with Leann and got new glasses for me! I just got them today and it's a little weird so far. Hopefully I get use to them. Then Kolleen and Leann came over for dinner that night and Avery was her usual goofball self. I worked Wednesday so Krissy (our old nanny) got to take Avery to "school". She said it went ok. We're still working on that transition. Thursday we went to the pool, which Avery always loves. I haven't gotten any photos there yet, because there is a sign that says no cameras allowed in the pool, but I saw someone taking photos Thursday, so I'm going to take my chances next time. Finally, today we got to play with Amy, Bennett, Shauna, Maeve, Tanya and meet baby Divia! She is so cute and tiny! Avery got to cap off the day with a little taste of chocolate ice cream for dessert. Let's just say she enjoyed it a bit too much! She's still learning at least one new word and/or trick per day. Today's most exciting one.... after she went "poo" she patted her diaper and said "poo". Does this mean she's ready for potty training?????

My new glasses.
More chocolate please!
Mom this chocolate stuff is soooo good.
New sun hat. It's a little big.

Maeve and Avery enjoying lunch together.
Our new friend Divia (or "baby" in Avery's world) and her mom, Tanya

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just a little taste of the entertainment we get on an almost nightly basis.

Some more cute photos.

Dancing with "Scout"
Playground fun!

All weather baby.

In Seattle, one must be ready for any type of weather. Rain or shine. I think she's got it all covered.....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Birthdays and silliness

She is learning how to drive her truck from Aunt Alissa, but apparently it's more fun to stand on it. She also loves to wear hats now too and has learned to put them on herself. And then, there's the silliness that happens at our house on a daily basis. There's never a dull moment.

How embarrassing!

Watching the Super Bowl with daddy.

Happy birthday to Bennett! Our little buddy's birthday is actually today, but we got to celebrate him on Sunday with lots of his family and friends! Great company and great cake. Avery really enjoyed it all.

We're learning to feed ourselves a little more seriously now and this is what happens when we practice....
And then we take a bath.....
We put the food in our hair and other various places....

February 2 Avery and I ventured to the Children's Museum. She's a pro by now and loves every minute of being there. It was a great investment for us. She had fun playing in Discovery Bay, which has a fun "river" to play in and get yourself REALLY wet! She also learned that she can go down a slide head first and got to be a fireman! We capped the day off with lunch in the food court. What a day!

No fear

"Grocery Shopping"

On February 1, Avery and I went to dinner with friends to celebrate Kolleen's and my birthdays. As always, there was plenty of good food, drinks, friends and dessert!

Happy birthday Kolleen!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy 15 months Avery!

Avery's 15 month "birthday" was yesterday. We had a big day today. She went to "school" (daycare) and stayed for a few hours by herself today. They said it was like she had been there for months. They give us a little report of the day when we pick her up. She did lots of activities and ate a lot! She ate breakfast before we went, then ate another full breakfast and snack while she was there! Her first full day there will be Wednesday and daddy has the privilege of taking her. Cross your fingers that it goes well!

We also had her 15 month check-up today. She is right on track or ahead with most things according to her pediatrician. She also thinks she's very social. She has no idea! Her stats for 15 months:

Weight: 23 lbs 14 oz (50-75%)
Height: 30.5 inches (50-75%)
Head: 47.5 cm (90%)

She is trying to repeat everything. Some new words include: pup-pup (cupcake), Lola (but imagine her sticking her tongue out and rolling the l's), Chelsea, and drumroll please.......JT!!!! Uncle JT is quite excited I'm sure. She also has learned to suck in her tummy (we won't say who taught her that one) and she learned how to walk on her toes tonight. Love you baby girl!