Gerrit and Elise

Gerrit and Elise

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Baking!

On Monday I had to work and our daycare is closed for the Christmas break, so Amy took Avery for the day for us. She had plans to bake with her mom and sisters for the day, so Avery got to tag along for the day. We are so grateful to have such great friends, Avery loves Amy and Bennett (and Brent) and she always has a great time when she is with them. Here is a picture of Avery (courtesy of Sarah, Amy's sister) helping to decorate the cookies. Amy said the kids surprised her with how long they sat and decorated. Avery has been helping me with all of our Christmas goodies too. She is REALLY good at taste testing, but really is a great little helper in the kitchen.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Just thought I'd give another update before another month passes. Not a lot to report. Avery has gotten to decorate a couple ginger bread men with her friends, which she has thoroughly enjoyed, since there is a lot of sugar and candy involved. She's "helped" me make Christmas goodies, and continues to tell everyone that Santa is bringing her either a "pink princess doll" or a "pink cinderella princess". Well, Cinderella doesn't wear pink, but she will be under the tree on Christmas morning. We also got to visit 2 of Santa's reindeer on Friday. Avery was excited, but sad that "Santa wasn't there with his reindeer", as she keeps telling me. Have I mentioned that she knows most of the words to most Christmas Carols? "Hark the Herald Angels" is her favorite. She knows more of the words than I do! Oh yeah, and she is officially potty trained!!!! We've only had a couple small accidents since we started almost 2 weeks ago. She asked to not wear diapers to bed any more because "I a big girl, I don't need diapers". So we obliged and we haven't had a wet bed yet!
*The photos go from newest to oldest. Check out the video posts below too!

Enjoying "tea" at school
Santa's sleigh with Bennett
Opening gifts with Maeve and Bennett.
Decorating gingerbread men with the friends.
Snuggling up to daddy to share his food.
Decorating yet another gingerbread man.

Enjoying her new "Veggie Tales" Christmas carols.

Avery singing vive le vent

Avery is learning French at her daycare. I got to go to her Christmas Tea on Friday. The kids and teachers prepared 3 songs to perform for their parents. Avery decided she did not wish to participate when it came to performance time, she got a little stage fright. So, later that night she decided she would give Chris and I her own little version. We're pretty sure this is the French version of "Jingle Bells".

Hawaii, 9/10

When I was uploading videos I came across this little clip from Hawaii. We didn't take a lot of video while we were there, guess we'll have to go back again! This is just a little bit of the fun Avery had while we were there. First, playing in the ocean and then learning to hula at the luau at our little resort.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Potty Training

Our brilliant little girl has been going on the potty since Tuesday! We've even been able to get out of the house and do things! We've only had a couple small accidents at home. Hopefully I don't jinx it, but she's been doing a great job. Cross your fingers that she keeps it up!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Little Happier Santa

So, we decided the Santa photo is not making the Christmas card this year. So, here you go. She's looking at Santa in awe, wondering how he knows she wants a "pink princess doll" for Christmas. They were friends once he said that, and gave her a candy cane.

Poor Santa....

Shauna and I may, or may not have taken Bennett out of school to get Santa photos. We thought we were helping, because Amy tried to take him and he did not like Santa. We thought it would be a fun surprise! It wasn't better for us....... it will be a funny story to tell when they're older? You'll get to see Avery's photo soon. Coming to a mailbox near you!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snow and other fun

We got snow a couple days before Thanksgiving, which made for fun commuting and no school for Avery. Seattle does not deal well with the white stuff. It was fun for Avery to play in and she even got her first sledding experience while her nina was here. We took nina downtown on Friday to see the Westlake Center Christmas tree lighting. There were a ton of people, but well worth it. There was live music and even a Santa sighting before the tree was lit. Side note: So sorry for the lack of updates. Every time I think I'm going to get a second to update, something comes up. Avery keeps us on our toes every minute. This week life is consumed with potty training, and she is getting the hang of it. Will update on that again soon. Cross your fingers for us!

The Westlake Center Tree

Enjoying the sights with daddy.

The music was too loud, according to Avery.

Trying to figure out the big new mittens.

Holding her new baby from her nina. Her name is Vivian, and yes, she came up with this on her own.

Making a snow angel.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hosted our first annual "orphan Thanksgiving" this year. It was a small group, but really fun and of course a lot of good food. We were also lucky enough to have Regina here to celebrate and be with us for the long weekend.

The men carving the turkey.

Sitting down for the feast.

Avery mostly just enjoyed the apple pie with whipped cream.

Beach House Fun.

We had a girl's weekend away with Chelsea a couple weeks ago. We surprised her and flew her to Seattle to spend some time with us. It was so much fun, and we miss her so much already. Thank you Pinneo family for being so generous with your beautiful home. We are so thankful. Come see us again soon Chelsea! We love you!

The amazing beach house.

Avery and Bennett contemplating life.

Me trying to get creative on the beach with Avery's footprints.

Building their own mini Stonehenge.

Fun on the playground in Home (that's the name of the town).

Fun in the kitchen!

Avery's been having fun in the kitchen, hers and mine. Here are a few photos of her fun.

Making pasta is so fun!

Serious baking face

Let me show you daddy.

Love my kitchen!