Gerrit and Elise

Gerrit and Elise

Monday, February 14, 2011

New dress!

Susan is a wonderful woman I work with who is so crafty. She likes to sew and found this adorable dress pattern, so I of course obliged and let her make a dress for Avery when she said she wanted to try it out. Look how cute it is! It's even reversible! Avery loves it! Hopefully I can get her to wear something else until it's a little warmer outside! Thank you Susan! You're the best!

Happy Birthday Bennett!

Bennett is one of Avery's best buddies, so we got to help him celebrate his 2nd birthday. There were many toddlers running around creating much chaos, but fun was had by all and we all got to enjoy the delicious cake. Happy birthday buddy. We love you!
Bennett really enjoyed the frosting
Bennett's cousin, Maya, enjoying her cake. Isn't she the cutest?
The rest of the pack enjoying the deliciousness.

Patiently awaiting the cake!

Other Happenings....

Not a lot happening the last couple weeks. Chris built a kennell in the basement for Willie and we celebrated my 32nd birthday. Avery had her first trip to the dentist on February 3, she did so great! She wasn't totally sure about it at first, but once they gave her cool glasses and a new toothbrush they were in. She sat in the chair with mommy and let the hygienist brush and polish her teeth then let the dentist do his check. They said her teeth look great and we get to come back in 6 months! We have also discovered a new indoor play area, Arena Sports Inflatables. It's a large indoor area with 7 or 8 large inflatable bouncy houses, obstacle courses and huge slides and it's only about 1 mile from our house! It's really fun on a rainy day.
All done!
What are they doing mommy?

Avery enjoying some birthday ice cream after dinner.
It's really good mom
Supervising the building process.

Melanie's Wedding (finally)

I didn't really get any great photos of Melanie and James, which is unfortunate because they looked amazing and the night was perfect. Here's what I got....

Racing to the cake with Carson!
Enjoying a beverage.
Dancing with Amy!
Mr. and Mrs. James Dean!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our new addition!!!

Meet the newest member of our family, Willie. He is the cutest, sweetest puppy. We are so in love! Avery wasn't completely sure about him when he first came home, but today they were bff's. I think Willie actually likes Avery better than she likes him! Chris left Friday morning to drive to Boise, ID to get him and arrived back in Seattle on Saturday afternoon. Our first night was a little rough, but we survived! Today was a lot of fun playing and taking lots of walks to wear him out. The Avery quote of the weekend was after Willie pooed on the rug. "Willie, you're so silly. You pooped on the scratchy rug, now mommy has to clean the scratchy rug!" The things that come out of her mouth are priceless!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A little preview of the fun we had at Melanie's wedding. Avery even got to help pick out her new dress to wear. She had so much fun, I believe the highlight of her night was seeing all the "princesses" and the cupcakes! These are photos from the photo booth. Lots more pics to come!