Gerrit and Elise

Gerrit and Elise

Friday, April 16, 2010

What am I thinking?

I give in to peer pressure way too easily. I just signed up to ride my bike from Seattle to Portland, OR. That's right, over 200 miles on a bike. It's called the STP. I hope I still remember how to ride, since I haven't been on my bike since before Avery was born. I better get training....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Update

Not a lot to report for the week. Avery had fun playing with friends while mom and dad worked. Chris worked on the house a lot, getting it ready for us to move in. Avery and I tried to run errands to help out, since she's not so helpful with the manual labor. The kitchen door and window were moved to make room for more cabinets and the all- important dishwasher. The electrical work was done in the kitchen and bathroom and trim and doors were removed. We are going to try to start posting photos of the progress. In no particular order, here is a recap of the week and house photos(finally!).

Admiring our new house!

Back Yard

Back of house.

Front of kitchen with new door.

Kitchen from dining/livingroom

Our bedroom

Bathroom with the new tub!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Which animal am I?

Just a cute video of animal sounds courtesy of Avery! Except for the fact that I can't remember the difference between a pigeon and a penguin......which actually does "waddle-waddle".

Happy belated Easter

And happy belated birthday to Grandpa Ed. Hope you had a great day! We had a great Easter Sunday, though Avery did not enjoy the extra long church service. Chris has been working really hard on the new house. The kitchen and bathroom are completely demolished and new plumbing is in. Electrical work gets under way tomorrow! I promise to post photos of the progression soon! Other than house stuff, we haven't been up to a lot. Here are random photos of the fun we've been having.

Thanks for the softball and glove gramma Beth. Is this what I do with it?

Talking to Uncle Mike on the phone.
No photos please mom. (This is the best we got from Easter)
Checking out the Easter loot

Attempting a photo op of their new bunny ears


The girl likes to accessorize

Thursday, April 1, 2010

17 months and binky-less

We have finally decided that it is time to ditch the binky. Avery was not aware of this plan and is not appreciating this new way of life. We had weaned her to only having it in her crib, but it had become somewhat of an addiction for her, even requesting to go "ni-ni" just to have the beloved binky. Last night was our first night, and it wasn't quite as bad as we thought it would be. We at least still slept through the night. Nap time was a little harder, it took about 45 minutes to fall asleep. But, fingers crossed, I think she's asleep and hopefully will stay that way for at least an hour. Wish us luck!