Gerrit and Elise

Gerrit and Elise

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fun times (and some not so fun)....

We've had some fun the last couple weeks, and also a not so fun trip to mommy's hospital.... These photos are from newest to oldest. Last weekend we had Bennett over for a movie night. They had lots of fun playing and watching the movie, though Bennett had a little too much energy to sit through too much of the movie. We cashed in on Avery's Christmas gift from Bennett and went to Paint the Town to some painting. Photos of the finished product to come later. Later that night, we took a trip to the ER at Children's because our girl took a spill in the bath tub. 3 hours, a lot of tears, and 6 stitches later Avery got to take home a new teddy bear! She got some versed to help keep her calm during the stitches, but it didn't really work it's magic until the procedure was done. It was rough during the procedure. So sad when your baby is screaming "all done, I wanna go home, I don't like this!" Even the doctors and nurses commented on the fact that a lot of 2 year olds don't verbalize that way and that made it even harder for them. They were all great though. So thankful that we live and are connected to such a great hospital. Needless to say, a high 2 year old trying to eat a popsicle and slurring her words, was hilarious, especially after all the trauma! It's healing nicely, but it was a very sad evening for us. Lastly, we started this week with a little get together to celebrate Amy's baby girl coming soon. We had Indian food for dinner, which was a big hit with Avery. Nice that she'll eat that, but not mashed potatoes or chicken! Guess I just need to get more ethnic with my cuisine.....

The kids enjoying dessert... the only quiet moment of the night!
Amy and Bennett opening a gift

Getting some love from mommy after the stitches.
Fun with daddy before the stitches
Paint the Town! Avery loved it and did a great job.
One of her new favorite snacks... parfaits!