Gerrit and Elise

Gerrit and Elise

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Guess Who Has a Big Girl Potty?!

We bought Avery a potty seat yesterday afternoon. We put it in the bathroom and decided to start putting her on it just to get the idea. She promptly told me she was "pooping" and actually went. It took a while and a few times of redirecting her back to the potty, but she did it!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy May!

Lots of fun was had by all while our family was here and lots of work got done. There's still a lot to do, but we are so thankful that dad, Aunt Brenda and Ann took time to come visit us and work so hard on our house with us. While they were here, we got tile floors laid in the kitchen and bath, cabinets in the kitchen and bath and new doors hung. We are now in the process of painting. Not our favorite thing to do, but it's getting done. Next on the agenda is countertops and refinishing the floors. I will try to post pics as things progress. When not working on the house we try to keep Avery busy. We went to the zoo and took a ferry ride to the Olympic mountains while papa was here. We got the seat on my bike so Avery and I can do some bike riding together, and she LOVES it! We have taken many rides to the "paygound" to play in the sand. We finally broke down and bought her lots of fun new sand toys to play with. It's funny to watch, because she likes to play in the sand, but doesn't like to get dirty, so if she's sitting she needs help up, because she won't put her hands down in the sand. And, the rock obsession continues. We can't go anywhere without her stopping to pick up as many rocks as she can fit in her tiny little hands. Tiny is Avery's word of the week, btw. She is starting to learn her colors now. She knows mommy's car is black and daddy's truck is silver. She can also almost spell her name. She was writing the other day and we heard her saying A-V-Y (imagine the y drawn out and high pitched). We're trying to get the e-r in there. OK, enjoy the pics!

Kitchen Cabinets

Bathroom Cabinets/floor
Daddy got me a flower at the University Street Fair
Look at those daisy dukes!
Enjoying the beautiful weather at the Seattle Center fountain
Picnic with daddy
Lovin' the sand
Ferry ride to the mountains
Olympic Mountains
The goats are sooo funny!
Ready for a bike ride

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy 18 months Avery!

A lot has happened since the last post. Chris had his 31st birthday, which we got to celebrate together on a beautiful sunny day in Seattle. We got Avery a bike helmet on daddy's birthday so she can help mommy train for the STP. April 30 was officially Avery's 18 month birthday. We had a fun day because "papa"(grandpa Manchester), Aunt Brenda, and Annie were in town to visit and help us with the new house. We started the day with a doctor's appointment. Her stats for 18 months are 26 lbs 11 oz (80th %) and 31.5 inches (50th%). Sorry baby, you got your mommy's measurements, short and stocky! The day ended with yummy food at "The Crab Pot" restaurant downtown. Avery ate my share of clams and mussels (yuck!), just put a little butter on it and she loved them! She then got to ride the carousel on the pier. She couldn't get enough. Here are a couple photos for now. More later....

Mmmmm, clams are good!

Making my eggs for breakfast.

Got my helmet, let's go dad!

Happy birthday daddy! Let me help you with that.

Celebrating Chris's birthday at Golden Gardens.


This is long overdue. We welcomed our newest member of the family on April 17. Griffin was just over 6 lbs and 18 inches long. Just a tiny little peanut, but so adorable! Hunter is a proud big brother, and we hear he is liking Griffin more every day. We can't wait to meet him! Avery asks to see him on the computer all the time and always asks for "mo" photos of him. Congrats Steven, Alysa, and Hunter. We love you!