Gerrit and Elise

Gerrit and Elise

Friday, June 24, 2011

Long Overdue

A few things have happened since the last post. We visited Michigan and lots of family and friends, a new member of the posse was born, and we celebrated Father's Day. Avery still amazes us and exasperates us every day. She's always asking questions, "what's her name?", "what's that for?", "what are you doing?". You can't sneak anything past her these days. Oh, and any little person about her age is her friend. It doesn't matter if we just met them, if they looked in her direction, they are her friend! Her favorite music is pretty much anything from a hymnal, but then she also loves "Little Lion Man" by Mumford and Sons, which is pretty much the opposite of hymns. She knows a lot of the words, with the exception of a couple of choice words that we bleep. The newest addition to our posse is little miss Clara Jane Jones. She was born on June 1, and is so adorable. Avery loves her already, and asks to go see Clara often, so she can hold her. Clara weighed in at 8 lbs, 14 oz; more than 2 pounds bigger than her brother! For Father's Day we celebrated Avery's amazing daddy with a homemade breakfast, followed by some homemade bread pudding (one of his favorites). We then packed up and headed to the Washington Brewer's Festival. It's kind of a carnival for beer lovers. There were over 200 beers to sample and even a root beer garden! It's was a perfect way to spend the day celebrating Chris. Avery and Chris even got to have a toast with their respective beers. Tomorrow we are headed to Bellevue to enjoy a little premier party of sorts for the movie, Cars 2! This will be Avery's first movie experience, so we'll be sure to document the moment and share.

Happy Father's Day!

The highlight for Avery was the kid's area.

Welcoming her newest friend, Clara.

Enjoying a sunset boat ride with daddy

First time fishing at Grandpa and GB's

Our little ballerinas!

A girls needs her lipgloss!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rock Climbing

Sorry for the lack of posts.... Here's a video for now. Avery has learned to "rock climb" on the rock wall at our local playground. She's gotten pretty good at it, and is quite proud of herself, and so are we! Pardon my booming voice, I didn't realize how loud I would be. But listen for Avery's adorable laughter!